• Kidzabi Push Pop Bubble Fidget Toy Ice Cream shaped Colorful for Kids – LCGJ22007

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    • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY AND DURABLE: The ice cream Push pop bubble sensory fidget toy is made of high-quality silicone, it will not cause any harm to kids and pets. The toy doesn’t split or break and can be reused and cleaned for a long time.
    • UNIQUE DESIGN: This Ice cream-shaped pop fidget is a great sensory tool. Multiple color and shape combinations are suitable for a variety of people and various occasions. Children can not only recognize more colors and shapes but also learn 26 Letters.
    • RELIEVE STRESS: The fidgets help restore the mood. As a stress toy, it can decrease a child’s anxiety and distract them from behaviors like nail-biting, and playing with hair. simple dimple fidget toys can also as parent-child games.
    • EASY TO CARRY: This poppet fidget toy can be played in a car, plane, restaurant, camping, office, school, or playground. The pop toy also can be used to play games, as a coaster, like a frisbee, as a decompression toy, etc. I am sure your kids will be crazy about this pop bubble fidget toy.
    • SQUEEZE SENSORY TOY are developing children’s intelligence, cultivating logical reasoning ability, and exercising intellectual arithmetic and planning ability. At the same time, it can prevent the brain degeneration of the elderly and keep the brain active.
    • Age Range: from 3 years and over
    SKU: LCGJ22007
  • Kidzabi Push Pop Bubble Fidget Toy in Different Shapes for Kids – LCGJ22015

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    • Baby Toys Sensory Toys: Sensory toys can help babies ease their emotions. This is a fun way to keep the Baby’s brain focused and your hands busy. This simple toy is simple and brilliant, encouraging good motor skills.
    • Unique Design: The design of this baby toy is built with 10 vibrant silicone foams in a plastic frame, and their sizes and colors are different. Little fingers can’t resist a toy that keeps attention.
    • Develop Attention: The candy-colored design attracts the baby’s senses and encourages excellent motor skills, sensory exploration, and fine motor skills, which is very suitable for going out. Encourage tactile stimulation, calmness, concentration, and irresistible simple joy!
    • Child Safety Certification: BPA-free, 100% food-grade plastic. This baby sensory toy is made of food-grade silicone. With a smooth and sleek surface, our toy has a child safety certificate and can be used safely.
    • Easy to Carry: The dimple toy is a portable game with a hole in the edge area, which can be fixed on a stroller or car seat. Babies can take it anywhere, and this toy will inspire them to explore for hours.
    • Age Range: from 36 months to 10 years
    • Note: You can Select a single Design product only
    SKU: LCGJ22015
  • Kidzabi Push Pop Bubble Fidget Toy Rainbow Circle for Kids – LCGJ22002

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    • Great for Anxiety & Stress Relief: It’s a great sensory fidget toy for the person with autism, the elderly, adults, and children who need to relieve stress. It will effectively help to relieve anxiety and stress and restore mood. The popping sound is very enjoyable and decompressed.
    • Intelligent Board Game: This push bubble sensory toy is a board game that can exercise children’s mathematical thinking, reasoning strategy, mental arithmetic, logical thinking, and fine motor skills. It can be played with a variety of rules. Players press down any number of bubbles in a single row, who press down the lost one lose the game.
    • Safety & Durable: Made of BPA-free silicone material with safety testing. It’s soft, comfortable, washable, and durable, and it can be repeatedly pressed for a long time. You needn’t worry your kid’s toys will be broken anymore.
    • Gift for All Ages: A perfect gift idea for your kids, families, and friends. The bubble popper toy with mufti-use can be a game tool, coaster, or Frisbee. It’s a little interesting family game tool to enjoy full family time.
    • Age Range: from ‎3 – 20 months
    SKU: LCGJ22002
  • Kidzabi Push Pop Bubbles Fidget Toy Heart Shape Rainbow for Kids – LCGJ22001

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    • NON-TOXIC/ HEALTHY/ DURABLE: The Fidget toy set has undergone many safety tests and complies with the American toy standard, which is very safe for children and adults.
    • SET INCLUDES: There are 50 small toys in total. Different styles, the shape or style of the toy will be different!
    • SMALL TOYS to RELIEVE IRRITABILITY: Our sensory toy set can also help teenagers, adults, autistic children, or toys with ADD or ADHD and obsessive-compulsive disorder or high stress/anxiety level toys and decompression toys, autism stimulation toys. By squeezing, stretching, and turning these irritable toys, anxiety can be well relieved. And at the same time develop children’s creation, visual training, and adult and adult fidget toys.
    • SMALL and SIMPLE DIMPLE: The small and easy-to-handle toy is easy to carry, suitable for classrooms and offices, and can be used as a portable toy set for everyone.
    • THE BEST GIFT: a gift for all ages and occasions-these irritable toys are perfect for everyone. These are perfect gifts for birthday or party gifts. These are also excellent rewards and prizes for children.
    • ‎Age Range: from 3 months – 12 years
    SKU: LCGJ22001

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