• Kidzabi Push Pop Bubble Fidget Toy Round and Square Shape for Kids – LCGJ22014

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    • POP, PLAY, AND RELAX– Experience the sensory stimulation and addictive fun of the Pop Fidget Toy. Fidget pack with pop provides tactile engagement for everyone, allowing for competitive fun and a game of strategy with friends or easy stress relief when feeling overwhelmed. A portable fidget toy pack provides the same sensation of popping endless bubble wrap without the waste, which everyone loves, so you can enjoy continuous fun and anxiety relief wherever, whenever.
    • SIMPLE FUN FOR EVERYONE– Pop features a straightforward design with a soft surface full of poppable bubbles, providing instant gratification and ease of use for individuals with learning disabilities, elders, and anyone else. Sensory toys and fidget pack cheap is great for on-the-go fun or stimulation and also helps to calm high-stress instances, making this simple, joyous fidget toy pack perfect for use at school, the park, at home, and at work, or anywhere.
    • GREAT FOR, ANXIETY, AND MUCH MORE– Innovative yet simplistic, fun tangle fidget toys are more than play for some individuals as this pop fidget toy also functions as a stress toy, providing external distractions from anxiety. Most people tend to fidget when nervous, stressed, or overwhelmed, which makes this pop toy a great source for switching focus to something else in the present by keeping the hands busy and restoring calmness to the mind.
    • SOFT, SAFE SILICONE MATERIAL– Crafted of food-grade- safe, and pliable silicone material, this kid-friendly fidgets for kids pack design is recommended for use for all ages, from 3-100 years old. The big Pop popper fidget toy is squishy yet durable and withstands wear and tear, providing years of outstanding use. The compact design fits in backpacks, briefcases, baby carry bags, and any other travel accessory. Never be without sensory fun or anxiety relief again.
    • Age Range: from 3 years and over
    SKU: LCGJ22014

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